So why exactly is Makset a “wanted man?”

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September 28, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

Those of you not familiar with this pastor’s case may be asking this question.  Why is Makset Djabberbergenov wanted in his home country of Uzbekistan?  Simply, he had a church that met in his house.  

Imagine if you had a Bible study in your home and then were detained and fined for it.  You felt that your core beliefs demanded that you meet together with fellow believers.  You meet again, the police show up once more, you get another detention and fine.  You continue to meet, with a eye over your shoulder, but then during another meeting special police and agents arrive, intimidate those in attendance and arrest you a third time.  This one’s three strikes and your out, you’re being charged with a felony, which means years in jail.  So, you flee to a neighboring country where there’s more freedom.

Years later, after being able to practice your faith more freely in this other country, a knock comes on the door, the police tell you in affect, “We don’t want you here anymore, we’re sending you back because your home country tells us you’re a terrorist.”

Such is the plight of our friend.  

If you are an evangelical Christian living in the US, you’ve likely never experienced anything like this. You may take it for granted about your ability to assemble freely and without fear.  You’ve never, or rarely, been accused of being the member of a dangerous cult or sect.  As a matter of fact, the whole concept of religious freedom got it’s birth in the USA.  This concept has now spread to the international community in many parts of the world– but once more–we are reminded that it has far from taken root in every place of the planet.  If we remain silent, such freedoms and the freedoms of fellow Christians will continue to erode.  

Please speak out today, contact your Congressperson on behalf of Makset.


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