The impact is real, it’s having an effect


October 3, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

Just in the course of the past week, we can say that your letter writing efforts are having an effect.  If you have contacted your Representative and Senators, thank you.  If you haven’t yet, when we say it’s easy, it really is.  (Again, go here for details).  When we say it can have an impact, it does.

While at this time, we cannot go into details, we have gotten responses from various members of Congress’ offices that they have been getting word about Makset’s situation.  There are also efforts from several different sources to contact the Kazakhstani Embassy in Washington, D.C. encouraging the Ambassador to hold Kazakhstan to their human rights commitments.

In addition, Makset’s case is becoming more widely known in the media.  An article came out in World magazine’s website.  [Note: You have to have a subscription to see the article which is a sideline of the one featuredWorld can best be described as the Christian equivalent of Time or Newsweek.

One of the more amazing stories of the week was that a church in South Carolina sent 800 letter out after their Sunday services this past weekend.  They’ve set a good example, feel free to follow it!  Each letter, each phone call helps keep his case fresh and on the minds of others who can then exert some pressure in the right direction.  I’m sure if Makset were able, he would express his heartfelt thanks for each one.  I look forward to the day when he can.



2 thoughts on “The impact is real, it’s having an effect

  1. Nathan says:

    Hi Steve, FYI – the “go here” above doesn’t have a link attached.


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