Makset & Family


October 15, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

Makset & Family

Makset Djabberbergenov just completed his 40th day in captivity


7 thoughts on “Makset & Family

  1. Deborah GIllis says:

    Praying for Makset and family.

  2. I am praying for Makset to be given his freedom. God is definitely with him!

  3. Cathy Keller says:

    I am praying for him and his family.

  4. DanutM says:

    Reblogged this on Persona and commented:
    Please pray for Makset’s release.
    Print and keep this picture on your desk to remember him in your prayers.

  5. DanutM says:

    I have asked my friends to print this picture and to put it on their desk, to remember praying for Makset and his family.

  6. I’m an atheist, so I can’t pray, but I can hope. Why is he in jail?

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