New disturbing facts on Makset’s case, but you can still help!

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October 29, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

A new article was released today (Oct. 29) concerning Makset’s case.  Through the thorough investigative reporting of Forum 18, we have learned some new disturbing facts:

1.  Makset is in solitary confinement.  In the early part of his detention, Makset had as many as 12 different cellmates.  Why is someone who is a Christian pastor being held in solitary confinement as though he were a dangerous criminal?  UPDATE: We have learned that Makset is NOT in solitary confinement.  Some of the confusion to this could be related to the fact that he was placed in “quarantine” immediately following his arrest and this was used as a reason he could not receive visitors.  In addition, the physical address of the prison has the word “isolation” in the title (at least that’s the way it’s translated in English).

2. The answer to question 1 may be found in another fact that has emerged.  Makset is being detained because the Judge’s rationale for continuing to hold him for extradition is that he is still being charged with terrorist activity and forming a terrorist organization.  The same “terrorist” beliefs claimed by up to 48% of all Americans!

3. The appeal that Makset made to the Kazakhstani Supreme Court in the summer has “mysteriously” disappeared, even though the head of the Kazakhstan International Bureau of Human Rights confirmes that he did properly file an appeal.

4. There is a way you can encourage Makset and demonstrate to Kazakhstani officials that the world is watching.  We have obtained the physical address of the detention center that Makset is now being held in.  You can mail a letter to Makset (he does speak some English) and let him know that you are thinking of and praying for him.  Send your airmailed letters (postage is approximately $1.05 per ounce) to the following address:

Almaty Investigation Isolation Prison No. 1 LA 155/1
050004 Almaty Region
Prospekt Seifullina 473

Djabberbergenov, Makset

In the not-too-distant future, we hope to provide a way for you to send a physical letter to this address from your computer.  Until that time, please take some time to send Makset some mail the “old-fashioned” way. Please encourage others to do the same.

UPDATE: That way has been found, click here to learn more!

If you still haven’t contacted your Congressperson, please do it now. That’s easy and can be done from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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