Hearing of a direct impact

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November 2, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

The past few days have been filled with ups and downs as it relates to Makset’s case.  Certain sources on the ground are telling us that his fate is sealed and that his extradition to Uzbekistan is a foregone conclusion.  Others tell us of “waves” and “pressure” that is being exerted from multiple sources.  Surprise has been expressed by several on how “well-known” Makset’s situation is.

Both of these things fill us with hope.  “How is that?” you may be wondering.  In the first case, those of us who are standing closely with Makset believe in an all-powerful, sovereign God who specializes in hopeless cases.  He is the one who “sets the captives free.”  He is the one who also has a great deal of experience standing with his children who have been incarcerated for the sake of the gospel.  Some of the best and most powerfully written parts of Scripture came when God’s Spirit spoke through people who were in chains.

In the second case, it is encouraging to know that many of you have taken the time to write your Congressperson.  And, in this day of jaded politics and cynical remarks about US governmental structures, we have noticed the direct impact of truly representative government.  Our sources report of occasions when State Department officials have responded almost immediately to a phone call from a US Senator and/or Congressperson based on your inquiries. While, at times, we question whether “monitoring” of Makset’s case, as the US embassy in Kazakhstan says they are doing, is truly effective, the fact is they are responding to YOU.  If you still haven’t taken the time to write your Representative or Senator, please do so.  The more “waves rock the boat” the more that the State Department will push on Makset’s behalf.  The more publicity, the more likely that Makset’s case becomes known to the general public.  The more the general public knows about what is happening, the more careful officials in Kazakhstan will be in handling Makset’s case.

And, since we’re on the topic of writing letters, a similar effect can be obtainedby writing directly to Makset. Now that we have a physical address for the detention center where he is being held, it is important to write him directly. This will not only encourage Makset and keep up his morale, it will also demonstrate once more that Makset is known round the world and that there are many people watching his case.  We have heard of prisoners of conscience actually being freed simply because of letter writing campaigns.  If you are an American, on Tuesday, you will have the freedom to cast your vote, will you not also take some time and treasure to cast your “vote” of support for Makset, who doesn’t enjoy that freedom.  At the link you can even find an example of what you can write Makset, who does speak some English.  However, feel free to write whatever you want, just make sure it’s encouraging.

Thank you for your support and for standing with Makset.


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