FREEDOM FOR MAKSET!!!! After 91 days, he is FREE!


December 4, 2012 by stgilbertinkz

Makset Djabberbergenov has been freed!  As of 9 pm GMT/4 pm EST Makset and his family boarded a plane for a location in Europe.  While details are still sketchy, representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) worked in conjunction with Kazakhstani officials in allowing the Djabberbergenov family to find asylum.

Multiple adjectives of the English language come to our minds at this moment: joyful, thankful, relieved, ecstatic, over-whelmed are just a few.  Yet, all seem insufficient to describe the emotions of this moment.

We are all very grateful to everyone who has played a role in helping to obtain his release.  This has truly been an effort by hundreds of people both great and small.  We have observed the concern of people whom have never met or heard of Makset.  Many of you wrote countless letters to inform Congresspersons and other officials of his plight.  This has truly reminded us of the role that representative government can play in such situations.  America is still a land of government “by and for the people.”

Many of you also made prayer a centerpiece of your efforts in helping Makset.  We know that if it were possible, he would thank each of you personally for your concern and especially your prayers.  Makset, too, is a man of prayer and he would testify to the Lord’s goodness and greatness in the way He has extended His grace and goodness in this situation.  We believe that prayer has been just as important of a tool in this endeavor as all of the other efforts.  While we may never know all the details of the key factors of his release, we still believe that prayer opens prison doors.

We do want to express gratitude publically to the US Helsinki Commission; to members of Congress that wrote letters and made phone calls; to the US State Department and the US Embassy personnel who looked into Makset’s case; to the efforts of UN personnel both in Washington and Almaty, Kazakhstan; and to the Kazakhstani government. 

The officials in Kazakhstan did have an obligation to enforce their laws, and we appreciate their increased desire to pursue the rule of law in their country.  We also appreciate that fact that when they realized that extradition to a place of known torture and questionable justice was less than desirable, they sought an alternative solution.  While we have no idea who made the final decision regarding his release, we do express our gratitude and thanks for Makset’s release.


As more details become available, we will continue to make that information public via this blog.  For now, we are going to enjoy our Christmas gift!


5 thoughts on “FREEDOM FOR MAKSET!!!! After 91 days, he is FREE!

  1. Billy Shelton says:

    Praise GOD from whom this blessing came, aleluhjah,Amen blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. WOW!! HE opened prison doors>

  2. Kulla Cornwell says:

    “Ahnest du Dein Schopfer Welt?”…translation..”Do you know/feel Your Creator, world?” As I listen to Beethoven’s Majestic Ninth Symphony playing just now,…I think it is appropriate to contemplate the Mighty Hand and works of Our Lord in this instance and His great mercy in the release of one of His servants from freedom!! We who have prayed are so thankful!! Wonderful also to think that this was in Advent..while we wait for the birth of our IMMANUEL–God with us! May Makset and family continue to know His ever- faithful Presence in the days ahead!

  3. Gary Rickard says:

    Wonderful news! I am happy for Makset and his family. But I would add one more adjective: saddened — that (through no fault of his own) there is one less faithful witness for the gospel in Central Asia.

  4. Aaron Lewis says:

    Praise the LORD! Thank you everyone who prayed for this dear brother’s release. Please continue to pray for him and his family as they seek GOD’S will.

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