“They did the right thing”

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December 6, 2012 by stgilbertinkz



As we bask in the afterglow of Makset’s release, the above picture is worth all the efforts of the past three months.  This is as it should be, a son sitting on a contented father’s lap.  Two articles of note have now come out concerning his release and you can read them here and here.  We agree with the quote in both articles from one of Makset’s friends, “We need to thank the Kazakh government– they did the right thing.”  Indeed.

While our dream is that one day throughout Central Asia people will be able to freely practice their faith, regardless of what that faith is, for now, a great injustice was avoided.  A man will not be going to prison for 15 years to a place of known torture for simply having a gathering of worshippers of Jesus Christ in his own home.  The Kazakhstani authorities at least saw the inconsistencies of extradition for Makset less than 3 weeks after they had been voted into the UN Human Rights Council.  

So, for now, we will rejoice and praise the Lord Jesus for what He has done. And we will continue to pray that all men and women, in every place on the earth will one day have the freedom to do the same.


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