Send Makset a Letter


We encourage you to send a letter directly to Makset.  While we cannot promise that he will get your letter, we believe that by writing him, you will send a message to the authorities of Kazakhstan that thousands and thousands of people are aware of his plight.

There are two ways you can do this.

1.  You can send a physical letter via the post office (First Class airmail in the USA @ $1.05 per ounce) and address the envelope as follows:

Almaty Investigation Isolation Prison No. 1 LA 155/1

Prospekt Seifullina 473

Almaty Region

Almaty City  050004


Djabberbergenov, Makset


2. You can send a physical letter via a message online by going to  Once there, type your letter to Makset, then follow the directions for sending your letter. The cost is approximately $2.00 and you can use your credit/debit card or PayPal.  (Note: Be careful in filling out the address blanks.)

If you are curious as to what to say, here is a suggested template.  Please note that these words have been chosen with the certainty that authorities will be reading your letter, but, again feel free to compose your own letter if you wish.

Dear Makset,

I stand with you during your imprisonment. I want to encourage you to persevere and let you know that I am praying for you, for your family, and for your release. It is
our hope that Kazakhstan willnot extradite you to Uzbekistan, that they will understand that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and that you have always stood for the principles of peace and love for all people.

I am a part of millions of people from around the world that believe people should be free to believe as their conscience dictates. It is our hope that you stay healthy and are able to have regular visits from your friends and family. We have also heard that you are in solitary
confinement, but hope that you will soon be free to enjoy the company of others.
I and many others are watching your case very closely. We certainly hope that Kazakhstan will prove that they are true supporter of religious liberty by releasing you and allowing you to practice your faith without fear.

Yours sincerely,


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